Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on the Miller Family and the Pregnancy

Hello Everyone,
I promised to update our blog, so here I go!  I got rid of my facebook account, so this will be my main source of updating everyone on our lives here!
We had a big scare a few weeks ago, on February 8th (wed.), when our daughter decided she wanted to be born!  I was only 34 weeks, so she would have been 6 weeks early!  I got admitted to the hospital to try and stop the labor contractions and all.  I stayed overnight, and was pretty drugged up with morphine, pain meds, and about 8 different doses of drugs to try and stop the labor from progressing!  I got there at 10:30 a.m. and the contractions finally started slowing down at about 11:30 that night!  It was the last dose of the meds that finally stopped them some.  It was a long time.  Her lungs were not fully developed yet, so they also gave me two steroid shot injections to help them be strong if she decided to come early!  They told me that if I went into labor by week 36, I could go ahead and have her.  
Since all of this happened, I am almost 37 weeks (on Monday), and have had a LOT of pain and contractions, but she has decided to stay in there for the time being.  I am feeling very anxious and ready to have this baby girl of mine!  I am very sick of being on strict bedrest, and not able to do anything for myself.  Luckily, I have had a LOT of help from my ward, husband Rocky, and kids, and my family.  I am very blessed.  We plan on being induced on Monday March 12th, unless she makes her grand debut before then!  Rocky's parents are in Hawaii until the 24th, so they are hoping that nothing happens until they get back home!  We will see.
I am dialated to a 3 plus now, and I am 60% effaced, so it should not be long now.  
The rest of our family is doing great.  Rocky is keeping very busy with working for West Bountiful City, and a Personal Trainer at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful.  He has a lot of clients right now, and is gone in the mornings and nights doing that.  
Jacob just finished up his second year of Junior Jazz Basketball.  He loved it!  He is also still taking guitar lessons, and is doing a WONDERFUL job with that!  He also loves being in his school choir, and reading, and science, and wants to be a Scientist when he grows up.  He is VERY SMART!
Taylor loves to play the Nintendeo with his brother Jacob.  He loves to do all things that BOYS do!  He is fearless!  He is also  VERY EXCITED to have a baby sister!  He wanted a girl all along, and can't wait to hold her.
Hayden is very much a two year old!  He is starting to get potty trained a little bit, and LOVES to do whatever his older brothers are doing!  He loves to play outside, and can't wait until it warms up, so he can more.  He loves to build with legos, and play with balls and cars.  He loves Thomas the train.  He also LOVES to watch PBS Sprout on TV!  It's his favorite channel.
I promise to learn how to put pictures on the blog, and will do it when the baby gets here!  Until then.....

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Fast update of the past while:
Summer break began.  One week later, at Grandma and Grandpa's House, Jacob double fractured his wrist.  He fell off of a swing in their backyard at Erin's birthday dinner party!  He had a sling and splint for three days, and then wore a bright green cast up half his arm for one month!
After that cast came off, Jacob's choir sang at Lagoon for their 125th year birthday celebration!  We took Jacob and Taylor for a day of fun, and left Hayden with Granny and Big John for the day!  We had a blast!
Taylor just got registered for Miss Melanie Beckstead's preschool for a year from this fall!  He is so very ready and excited!  Taylor also starts soccer in August!
Hayden is starting to talk to us some!  He says, "mama, dadda, go, down, and done."  We are very proud of him!  Hayden, Jacob, and Taylor will all be a big brother again!  We just found out about two weeks ago, that we were expecting baby number 4 into our family sometime around March 20th!  The first appt. is on Aug. 12th to hear the heartbeat!  We are very excited!  Brooke hopes for a girl, and Rocky hopes for another boy!  We decided that we don't want to find out the sex of the baby until it is born, just like we did with Hayden!  We had a lot of fun being surprised last time, and plan to do that again!  Since all of the babies seem to come early, there is even a chance that the baby and Brooke will share the same birthday!
Rocky and Brooke are making plans to remodel the kitchen in our house!  We plan on adding a pantry, new and more cupboards, and new counters, sink, and oven/stove!  We are very excited for our next big home improvement project!
We had a sad month last month!  Our little pet frog, Herman died.  Also, one of the geckos that Brooke got for her birthday in March died too!  This was so sad!  We still have our wonderful dog, Chloe, and our chickens!
Jacob finished playing baseball with Centerville City!  His team, the Mets, took second place in their tournament, and only lost to one team (twice)  They played so well!  Jacob had to watch and not play in the tournament because of his broken wrist!  TOO BAD!  They got trophies though, and Jacob was very happy about that!
We had a great fourth of July!  We went to Provo and saw the Stadium of Fire fireworks and also the West Bountiful City ones.  Jacob was in the parade for Centerville City, with his school Choir!  They sang three songs over and over, and did a WONDERFUL job!
We are so proud of our children and their amazing growth and accomplishments!
We can't believe summer break is nearing an end soon!  Until later.......

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Week With Our Family

Busy week!  Jacob had a baseball game last night, and two tonight, and one more tomorrow night!  Jacob's last week of school is next week.  He is almost done with first grade!  Crazy how fast time flies!  Jacob's MAC class at school had a field trip to the sewer/dump!  Tomorrow, the mini mac and big mac class will go swimming at the South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful!  Then, on Friday, Jacob's field trip with just the First graders will be out in Sandy, Utah to visit the Living Planet Acquarium!  I am jelous!  I wish I could go on that trip too!  Jacob's school class earned a party at Flips Gym in Bountiful for after school on Friday, because they ran the most miles out of any other class in the school.  Jacob is really excited for this.
Taylor is BORED lately!  He gets really lonely when Jacob is in school, because Hayden is too small to do much with him.  He is ready for preschool THIS Fall, but has to wait one more year, because he just missed the cutoff with his birthday.  BUMMER!!!  Brooke, and the boys will have to do some fun activities this summer to pass some of the time away!  Anyway, Jacob and Taylor are both very excited about Summer break!!!
Hayden is working on getting in his last two molars!  He has been very grumpy through the process, and we can't wait until he's through this stage of life!  He is growing up very quickly, and loves to follow his older brothers around, and do what they are doing with them!
Brooke and Rocky are going to see the musical, LES MISERABLES at the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake City, on Saturday night.  YAY FOR DATE NIGHTS!!!  It was a Christmas present, so we have waited a while to be able to see it!  It should be a nice evening!!!
Once Brooke can figure out how to upload photos to the blog, she'll do so.  I know, it's boring when there are no pictures to look at, so I will work on it.
Hope everyone out there has a great rest of the week, and a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday on Monday!
Love you all......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This last week....Update!!!

Hello Again!
Another week has come and gone!
Brooke made it up to Rexburg, Idaho on Monday, to attend a funneral for a very close friend of hers, Carolyn Roberts!  Carolyn was like an aunt to her.  We found out that she had acute Leukemia about a week before she passed away, and she left this earth on Thursday evening.  It was a beautiful funneral service.  She was a woman who had never been married, had children, or any family except for ours.  She was the most happy and upbeat woman through it all!  We were glad that her suffering was very short, and that she passed quickly.  It was really hard to say goodbye to this wonderful woman, but we know she is in a better place now. 
While in Idaho, Brooke was able to surprise her grandma with a visit.  She has been very lonely since she lost her husband in early April.  Her sister Erin was able to play the piano, and Brooke and her mother sang songs to her, and the other "audience" at the Homestead Assisted Living.  It was so fun to cheer up so many old people.  They all seemed to LOVE it!
Jacob is preparing to finish up first grade.  He just has a few weeks left.  He also continues to do wonderful with machine pitch baseball.   He continues to excell with guitar lessons. We are so proud of this good boy.
Taylor is getting so so excited to play soccer in the fall and spring.  He just missed the cutoff for school, so he will start preschool at Miss Melanie Beckstead's house next year in August.  HE IS SO READY!!! 
Hayden loves to follow around his brothers and do whatever they are doing.  He is very busy and active!
We are excited for some warmer weather so that we can play outside more.  Spring is on it's way!!! Hopefully......
Rocky is keeping busy with personal training, and the city job.  He is still serving as the Young Men's Secretary in our ward, and he LOVES IT!!!
Brooke just loves being a stay at home mom!  Lots to do around the house and with the kiddos!
We are all doing well, and can't complain!
We are so thankful for Christ's atonement, and for the chance that we have to be with our family and loved ones again someday.
Until next time......

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello Again Everyone!
Much has happened in the last month or so. 
Jacob turned 7 years old on April 19th, 2011.  He had a fun family party, and friend bowling party at Bountiful Bowl the following Saturday.
Jacob plays Baseball at Centerville City.  He started the machine pitch this year, and does really well with it!  He gets a hit almost every time he's up to bat!  We are so proud of him! 
Jacob will be finishing First Grade at the beginning of next month!  He is looking foreward to Summer break!
Jacob now has a new guitar teacher after completing his first year of playing.  His old teacher just joined the army.  Jacob takes lessons now from Bob Gaines at Murphy's Guitars in Bountiful and LOVES it!  He also does really well singing in his school choir.  We enjoyed watching their spring concert a few weeks ago.
Taylor is registered to play his first year of Soccer, and will begin this Fall, and play again in the Spring.  He and Jacob will also be taking swim lessons in the Summer.
Taylor is very active!  He LOVES to play outside, and help with chores!  He is a really big helper!
Hayden runs and plays all of the time.
He is working on getting his last few molars in. 
Hayden is a climber and always pulls out kitchen chairs and climbs up on the table!  It scares us to death!  HE IS FEARLESS!!!
Rocky keeps busy with work, and home improvement projects!  We are currently redesigning our backyard to put in a large above ground swimming pool for our children!  They are SOOOOO excited about the prospect of this!
Our family is doing well!  We are so blessed!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally figuring out how to blog- One step at a time!

Hello All,
Today I am checking into the blog, to update it.  Yesterday I made it all pretty so it isn't just black and white anymore!
We had a sad weekend.  Brooke's Grandfather passed away on Friday afternoon, due to some illness in the hospital.  The viewing and funeral will be in Rexburg, Idaho on Friday and Saturday.  We plan to make a quick overnight trip up to be there for it.
The kids are finally starting to feel a little bit better.  They have been sick with ear infections, croup, and pnuemonia.  We also found out that Jacob and Taylor have asthma.  It was a rough couple of weeks, but today, we were all able to be back at church together.  It was so wonderful.
We are kinda sick of the snow, and can't wait for SPRING to finally show up!  The kids are so anxious to play outside in the warm sun again.
Jacob and Taylor built bird houses and painted them yesterday with their daddy.  They can't wait for them to be put up outside, and for the birds to come.
Hayden still keeps us very busy.  He is INTO EVERYTHING lately.  He's so cute though.
We love you all and hope you are all doing well too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Blog!

Well Everyone out there!  This is the Miller Family blog!  This is the first official post on the blog!  We finally got the internet at our house today and so we set up a blog so that everyone can keep up with the doings of our family! 
Jacob will be turning seven in April.  Taylor is three.  Hayden is a few days short of being  15 months old already. 
The boys keep us very busy!  Jacob is taking guitar lessons and doing an excellent job with it.  He is very smart and is a great reader and speller.  Jacob has one more Saturday of Junior Jazz Basketball left.  He has really enjoyed it. 
Taylor will be signing up to play his first year of soccer next month.  He is very excited about the prospect of this. He is very athletic and READY to play sports. 
Hayden just started walking about a month ago on February 14th (Valentines Day!)    He walks EVERYWHERE now!  We can't keep up with that busy boy!
Rocky just finished the toyroom in the basement for our boys!  They LOVE having their own space to play in. 
Rocky keeps very busy with his three jobs, and Brooke loves being a stay at home mommy with her three boys!
We are just getting past our sicknesses in our house and are READY for Spring to be here!  It will be nice to get outside again!
Our family is doing great and we hope you all are too!