Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on the Miller Family and the Pregnancy

Hello Everyone,
I promised to update our blog, so here I go!  I got rid of my facebook account, so this will be my main source of updating everyone on our lives here!
We had a big scare a few weeks ago, on February 8th (wed.), when our daughter decided she wanted to be born!  I was only 34 weeks, so she would have been 6 weeks early!  I got admitted to the hospital to try and stop the labor contractions and all.  I stayed overnight, and was pretty drugged up with morphine, pain meds, and about 8 different doses of drugs to try and stop the labor from progressing!  I got there at 10:30 a.m. and the contractions finally started slowing down at about 11:30 that night!  It was the last dose of the meds that finally stopped them some.  It was a long time.  Her lungs were not fully developed yet, so they also gave me two steroid shot injections to help them be strong if she decided to come early!  They told me that if I went into labor by week 36, I could go ahead and have her.  
Since all of this happened, I am almost 37 weeks (on Monday), and have had a LOT of pain and contractions, but she has decided to stay in there for the time being.  I am feeling very anxious and ready to have this baby girl of mine!  I am very sick of being on strict bedrest, and not able to do anything for myself.  Luckily, I have had a LOT of help from my ward, husband Rocky, and kids, and my family.  I am very blessed.  We plan on being induced on Monday March 12th, unless she makes her grand debut before then!  Rocky's parents are in Hawaii until the 24th, so they are hoping that nothing happens until they get back home!  We will see.
I am dialated to a 3 plus now, and I am 60% effaced, so it should not be long now.  
The rest of our family is doing great.  Rocky is keeping very busy with working for West Bountiful City, and a Personal Trainer at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful.  He has a lot of clients right now, and is gone in the mornings and nights doing that.  
Jacob just finished up his second year of Junior Jazz Basketball.  He loved it!  He is also still taking guitar lessons, and is doing a WONDERFUL job with that!  He also loves being in his school choir, and reading, and science, and wants to be a Scientist when he grows up.  He is VERY SMART!
Taylor loves to play the Nintendeo with his brother Jacob.  He loves to do all things that BOYS do!  He is fearless!  He is also  VERY EXCITED to have a baby sister!  He wanted a girl all along, and can't wait to hold her.
Hayden is very much a two year old!  He is starting to get potty trained a little bit, and LOVES to do whatever his older brothers are doing!  He loves to play outside, and can't wait until it warms up, so he can more.  He loves to build with legos, and play with balls and cars.  He loves Thomas the train.  He also LOVES to watch PBS Sprout on TV!  It's his favorite channel.
I promise to learn how to put pictures on the blog, and will do it when the baby gets here!  Until then.....